Our school

The Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School of Szeged was founded by the City Council in 1988 with the explicit goal of providing a high level of foreign language education which would enable our students to make free use of their extraordinary language competence in their studies and work.  This was when bilingual education commenced in Hungary, and the Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School joined this type of education with its Hungarian-English bilingual program. 

All of our students study English, and they can choose French, German, Italian and Spanish as their second foreign language. Our school aims at satisfying the social requirements by providing a wide educational profile. 

Based on the adaptation of the new curriculum, the 8th grade students can apply to 10 study fields. The Hungarian-English bilingual program gives the opportunity for students to study certain subjects in the target language. The special language orientation classes (English, Spanish, and German) set the goal of providing a high level language skill. The classes oriented to humanities and foreign languages put the emphasis on the Hungarian language and literature, History and foreign languages. The Mathematics-English orientation expects students devoted to both subjects, who wish to study them on a more advanced level. The goal of the science orientation is not to provide a special scientific education but to give a knowledge of physics and chemistry in years 9 and 10 upon which advanced level teaching can be built from year 11. The motion picture culture and media program was founded on popular demand so that the youth can gain support in having a critical approach to the ample information from movies, television and mass media generally which have become essential parts of their life. They also learn to select and understand information dumped on them. The general classes provide a broad spectrum education for students who do not yet have definite future goals.